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Dress rehearsal pictures by Ian Dumelow
Mike Biddiss
Sarah Castle-Smith
Penny Cushing
Ian Dussek
Tim Guilding
Morris Hopkins
Chris Lang
Alison de Ledesma
Ann Scott
Lesley Willis
Jane Clabon (piano)
Barbara Rayner
James Willis

Ian Dussek
Morris Hopkins
Mike Biddiss   

Mike Biddiss

Louise Dilloway




Alexander’s Ragtime Band (Piano)

Newspaper headlines from first half of 1914

From Winston Churchill’s memoirs

I was a Good Little Girl (‘till I met you) (Music Hall song)

Critic’s reaction to Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw

Kipling on the Ulster Crisis

Newspaper report of the attack on The Rokeby Venus by Velasquez

If the World were Ruled by Girls (anon.)

The Westminster Abbey Bomb, report from the Melbourne Argos

The March of the Women (anthem) by Dame Ethel Smyth

Channel Firing by Thomas Hardy

Adlestrop by Edward Thomas

Account of the Sarajevo Assassination, by one of the conspirators

From David Lloyd George’s memoirs

Those Lovely Seaside Girls (Music Hall song)

From Testament of Youth by Vera Brittain

Telegrams (in English) between Tsar Nicholas and Kaiser Wilhelm

Sir Edward Grey, Foreign Secretary, addresses the House of Commons







Land of Hope and Glory, Edward Elgar, words by A.C. Benson

Extracts from newspapers

The Scott Memoir by E.W. Scott (Ann Scott’s father)

The Army of Today’s All Right (Music Hall song)

Robert Graves’ autobiography

Now God be Thanked by Rupert Brooke

The German Advance through Brussels

Taxis to the Marne (Scott Memoir)

Lissauer’s Hymn of Hate

Extract from The Boy Trumpeter, Billy Naylor

Oh! Give me the strength of the Lion, Eric Blair (aka George Orwell)

Where are our Uniforms? (Far, Far Away) (parody song)

Lord Birkenhead’s Cigars

The Wiper’s Times (a troop magazine)

Lichtenstein on Divine Protection

Extract from Maurice Baring’s diary

Homeward by Cicely Fox-Smith

Keep the Home Fires Burning  Song by Ivor Novello, words L.G. Ford

Extract from Captain R.J. Armes’ letter to his wife on The Christmas Truce

Extract from Rifleman Williams on The Christmas Truce

Ernie Williams’ report of the football match played in No Man’s Land

Extract from Vera Brittain’s Diary: 31 December 1914


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