2021 Alton Fringe Theatre

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"I did King Lear for A Level in 1964 – and failed the exam. I have seen the play many times since, and each performance has shed some further illumination - but not many with such powerful effect as last week in Alton, where stripped of all flummery, and blessed with a magnificent player in the title role, the effect was often overwhelming. Nowhere more so than towards the end, in the wheelchair and flower garland scenes. The wheel of fire at the heart of this Lear was truly harrowing. Congratulations to cast and director and indeed to everyone involved.

Piers Burton-Page

— from Petersfield - we heard about it almost by chance, from a stray flyer left in the local Library."

"That was an amazing performance. Congratulations to all concerned. I am totally in awe."

"We thought your Lear was amazing. What a cast you put together. Really, really impressive."


"Fantastic! We all really enjoyed this evening's production. Who needs to go to London."


A stranger, who saw it Tuesday said "There are no other amateur groups that could come near you in this Play"