2021 Alton Fringe Theatre

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Royal Navy
Captain Arthur Phillip                      Richard Fowler
Midshipman Harry Brewer              Tim  Guilding
Royal Marines
Major Robbie Ross                         Michael McGreevy
Captain David Collins                     Chris Chappell
Captain Watkin Tench                    Mary Cody
Captain Jemmy Campbell               Jim McCauley
Lieutenant George Johnston         Robert Masterton
Lieutenant Will Dawes                   Melanie Butlin
2nd Lieutenant William Faddy        Neil Strong
2nd Lieutenant Ralph Clark           Joe Cody
The Chaplain  Reverend Johnson  Lesley Willis
John Arscott                                  Jim McCauley
Black Caesar                                  Neil Strong
Ketch Freeman                               Michael McGreevy
Robert Sideway                              Richard Fowler
John Wisehammer                         Tim Guilding
Mary Brenham                                Flo Ospici
Dabby Bryant                                 Melanie Butlin
Liz Morden                                      Morag Horn
Duckling Smith                                 Louise Baker
Meg Long                                        Lesley Willis

The Aborigine              A chorus of the company
Musician                       Peter Chandler
April 1998    Our Country’s Good Timberlake Wertenbaker The Cast Directed by Morris Hopkins