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2021 Alton Fringe Theatre

All Change


2020 has been a terrible year for all the obvious reasons, and we have been unable to mount any productions.


The group met, as has been its practice, during the pre-lockdown quarter, to read plays presented by members. For the first time in its history the group had outgrown members’ homes, usually Lesley and James’, and thanks to Simon Brencher, was able to be accommodated in the upstairs room of the Greyfriar in Chawton.


Plays read included Gasping, One servant Two Masters, One Night in November and (all too fittingly) The Plague.  Needless to say, none of these proceeded to production.


Simon Applegarth, however, did write an illustrated play for voices, Zigzag, to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the birth of Gilbert White, and we produced a video trailer which was featured in the official day of celebration in Selborne.



And now the video editing program I have used for many years to maintain this site has been withdrawn by Serif. So this may be the last update I am able to make. I hope the material here will remain useful as an archive. I’ve enjoyed doing it.

James Willis