2021 Alton Fringe Theatre

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Mrs Cherry Owen/Voice of Guidebook/Rosie Probert   Alison De Ledesma

Polly Garter/Mrs Willy Nilly   Allyson Hall

Mrs Ogmore-Pritchard/Mary Ann Sailors   Ann Scott

Reverend Eli Jenkins/Organ Morgan    Brian Jones

Mae Rose-Cottage/Mrs Utah Watkins   Catherine Gerlach

Mrs Dai Bread 2/Mrs Pugh   Chris Chappell

Miss Myfanwy Price/Lily Smalls/ Gossamer Beynon Claire Matthews

Mog Edwards/Mr Pugh Gavin Meikle

Mrs Dai Bread 1/Mrs Organ Morgan/Bessie Bighead    Lesley Willis

Willy Nilly/Cherry Owen/Mr Pritchard   Mike Biddiss

Lord Cut-Glass/Attila Rees/Mr Ogmore   Morris Hopkins

Nogood Boyo/Butcher Beynon/Mr Waldo   Tim Guilding

The voices of a further 42 inhabitants of Llareggub were also played by the cast.



Lighting/sound Haydn Chappell     Backdrop Ruth and Mike Biddiss Publicity Gavin Meikle

Bar/Front of House Morris Hopkins    Assistant director Mike Biddiss   Director James Willis

Photos by Peter Dilloway